11th –15th May, 2009 Sopron, Hungary

Forests at the limit: evolutionary – genetic consequences of environmental changes at the receding (xeric) edge of distribution

organised within the framework of SEA Training and Education programs of the European Network of Excellence project „EVOLTREE”

Aim and scope of the conference

Populations at the receding (xeric) margin of the distribution area face particular genetic and ecological challenges. Marginal populations often display low population density which make them prone to genetic bottlenecks and high inbreeding. Climatic shifts push them to the very border or outside of the species’ ecological niche. Strong selection may further reduce density and genetic diversity, and alter adaptability, leading to adaptational meltdown and ultimately to local extinction at the receding edge. Awareness has to be enhanced for coordinated research in this field because these effects have not received yet the necessary attention by the international scientific community.

April 19-24, 2009, Vienna, Austria. European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2009

The NEESPI scientists are invited to contribute to the Scientific Program of the Assembly and, in particular, to the NEESPI Session (BG2.2; "Land-Atmosphere-Cryosphere Interactions in Northern Eurasia") scheduled at the Assembly.

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