11th –15th May, 2009 Sopron, Hungary

Forests at the limit: evolutionary – genetic consequences of environmental changes at the receding (xeric) edge of distribution

organised within the framework of SEA Training and Education programs of the European Network of Excellence project „EVOLTREE”

Mátyás.Cs_Introduction.pdf23.98 MB
Hampe.A_Resisting at the rear edge.pdf3.38 MB
Jump.A_Impending impacts of rising temperatures at the.pdf2.86 MB
Szalai.S_Probability and constrains of climate scenarios.pdf8.07 MB
Ernst.D_Effects of abiotic stress on gene transcription in beech.pdf1.36 MB
Fady.B_The trailing edge_genetic implication.pdf7.59 MB
Johnsen.O_An epigenetic memory.pdf780.56 KB
Csoka.Gy_What_do_the_forest_insetcs_tell_about_climate_change.pdf11.17 MB
Gálos.B_Expected frequency of extreme dry summers in the 21st century.pdf2.59 MB
Hlasny.T_A synergistic impact of climate change on forest trees growth and forest pests dynamics.pdf8.97 MB
Lakatos.F_Bark beetle outbreak in the arboretum of Budafa.pdf303.14 KB
Rasztovits.E_Extreme events and vitality decline.pdf3.62 MB
Szep.T_Impacts of Climate Change on the Forest Management.pdf12.7 MB
Alleaume.M_Adaptation under heterogeneous selection.pdf6.53 MB
Amm.A_Capacity of silver fir migration.pdf4.75 MB
Michalczyk.I_Variability and impact of gene flow in a fragmented landscape.pdf11.33 MB
MullerStarck.G_Selection along altitudinal gradients.pdf1.93 MB
Borovics.A_Effect of climatic selection on genetic diversity.pdf6.05 MB
Mészáros.I_Physiological responses of forest trees at xeric limit.pdf16.75 MB
Nagy.L_Growth response modelling on genetic basis.pdf485.8 KB
Cailleret.M_Contrasting responses of Abies alba and Fagus sylvatica vitality.pdf4.32 MB
Konnert.M_Field trials and provenance choice.pdf4.94 MB
Leites.L_Modeling growth responses to climate change of Douglas fir.pdf5.28 MB
Tchebakova.N_Seed zones for Pinus sylvestris and Larix sibirica.pdf2.71 MB
Kowalczyk.J_Scots pine growth responses to environmental conditions.pdf441.55 KB
Kuzmina.N_Growth of a Scots pine progeny in Siberia.pdf20.74 MB
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